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Filing bankruptcy will automatically put a stop to collections calls, garnishments, pending court dates, foreclosures and repossessions. But you must act quickly. Filing a bankruptcy after a foreclosure date will not get your home back. There are many ways that bankruptcy helps people facing financial hardships. I all cases, people filing for bankruptcy are granted a special court order called an automatic stay. The automatic stay directs your creditors to stop all collection attempts or activities immediately.
        For individuals and families experiencing difficult financial times, filing consumer bankruptcy can provide a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy may seem like you are admitting defeat or that you are unable to provide for your family. But it is not something to be embarrassed about. Millions of people file for bankruptcy each year. There are many reasons to consider filing bankruptcy, as I will explain, but the most important reason is you and your family.
        Often times it may be circumstances outside of your control that lead you to be in a tight financial spot: a job loss, an injury or illness with mounting medical bills, a divorce. Bankruptcy is a solution that will allow you to get relief and move on with you life.

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Financial Hardship
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         I strive in my law practice to help clients obtain the maximum debt relief available through bankruptcy when all other efforts by the client to meet debt obligations have failed. I understand that this is a difficult time for you and family, I am aware of the many complications unresolved debt causes, but do not lose hope. This can be a very confusing and complicated time. So, if you are not sure what the solution is, or you have decided that it is time to do something about your seemingly insurmountable debts, schedule an initial consultation to learn how I may be able to help.
          During our initial consultation, which is free, I will discuss with you your financial situation, examine your assets and outstanding debts. After such an analysis, we will discuss your particular
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circumstances and identify any various and best legal options available to you.       
    I have a number of years experience dealing with personal bankruptcies which allows me to help you select the best option at this time. That may not include bankruptcy, but if it does, I am familiar with the  bankruptcy process and related federal and state statues dealing with personal bankruptcies. Knowing that each case is unique, I will provide you with the personal attention you deserve. I understand that bankruptcy affects your life and I am here to guide you through this difficult process.     

Bankruptcy Debt
        Financial difficulty is one of the most common causes of stress. When monthly income is not enough to cover monthly debts and expenses, the problem is serious, and many people feel like thee is no way out. Initiation bankruptcy proceeding is an effective way to stop foreclosure on your home. It also stops lawsuits against you, wage garnishment and repossession of your vehicles. Even more, it puts an end to those stressful and harassing calls from creditors.
Donald L. Fritzen 
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         Filing for bankruptcy can be necessary when an individual or business no longer has the financial means to replay the debt they have accrued. While bankruptcy has almost always had a negative stigma associated with it, a greater need for it in recent years by individuals and businesses has made this process more more widely accepted and understood throughout society. Many of your friends and neighbors are probably already experiencing the relief of getting a fresh financial start.

        The process of filing bankruptcy is complex and time-consuming. As you dedicated bankruptcy attorney and personal representative, I will guide you through the process fro beginning to end. We work together to collect all relevant financial records and develop a strategy to present to the court. Filing and prosecuting the bankruptcy is a detailed, generally complicated process. Time-sensitive and complex paperwork require undivided attention with little room for error. A missed deadline, incomplete filing, or a wrong document can result in your case being dismissed.
        Are you living pay check-to-pay check with little to no money at the end of the month for necessitates like food and gas? Are you being harassed by creditors? Are yo the victim of annoying and aggravating useless phone calls? Have your bank account been frozen or paychecks being garnished? Now is the time to initiate a bankruptcy, get a fresh start and leave your financial troubles behind.

    Many people become frustrated, overwhelmed or even embarrassed to contact a bankruptcy attorney because they blame themselves, feel broken, or sense a stigma. Truly, bankruptcy protection is there to help yo regain control of your finances and debts, retain assets protected by the bankruptcy code and state homestead laws, and get back on your feet. I encourage you to call my office for a consultation before matters become worse, it is usually in your best interest to begin the process before you are in default and judgments are entered against you.

I will help you get a fresh start and put your financial worries in the past.

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